This item is built to order, please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery depending on current order volumes.  Contact us for more info.


Handcrafted Miracles is pleased to release our finest piece to date.  Every box will be custom built to order on a first come first served basis, and each model will be strictly limited to 30 boxes.  Walnut B98 will include a laser cut, signed, and numbered certificate of authenticity. 


Last year Box 98 set a new standard for close-up magic and mentalism boxes by eliminating any switches and allowing the spectator them self to unlock and remove the contents.  It has continued to sell out worldwide and has become a staple the acts of many respected professionals including former FISM award winners. 

The new hardwood version offers the same blazing fast invisible loads yet is even more examinable than the original.  It also adds some significant functionality.  Spectators can now load and lock the box yet it can be unloaded with the same ease and speed as it loads, making it the ultimate steal and switch box as well.  With the addition of an optional rattle (available upon order), coins and finger rings may be proven to remain locked inside by the spectator them self. 


The increased functionality allows for truly unlimited possibilities.  Here are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing:


Mentalism- Ask spectator (a) to write the name of someone meaningful to them on a business card then fold it, and lock it in the box.  Hand the box to spectator (b) and ask them to put it safely away.  You produce a small notebook and do a cold reading, eventually closing the notebook, and placing it on the table.  Retrieve the box from spectator (b) and immediately hand it to the initial spectator to unlock.  You ask them to remove, unfold, and lay the business card on the table.  They then open your notebook for a jaw-dropping match.


Multiple Punch Finger Rings- Spectator (a) removes their finger ring and locks it securely in the box.  Place the box on the table in front of spectator (b) and ask them to give it a shake to ensure the ring is still in the box.  Spectator (b) removes their ring, which vanishes…. no worries the ring is on your key ring, but wait, it is spectator (a)’s ring.  Spectator (b) gives the box another shake and certainly, there is a ring still in there.  Hand the box to spectator (a) who unlocks the box, which now holds the ring of spectator (b).


Impossibly Predicted Card to Impossible Location- Magician goes through the deck, chooses and folds a card as a future prediction and asks spectator to lock it in the box.  Magician has a card signed and preforms various miracles.  Eventually the spectator unlocks opens the box that has been in their possession the entire time and inside is only one card, their signed card.


Each Walnut B98 Pro is hand crafted from fine American Walnut and inlaid with Maple, Ebony, and Mahogany.  The mechanism is hand tuned to be both visually and functionally perfect.


Best Regards,

Dan and Jon


B98 Pro Limited Edition

  •   If you are one of the lucky 30 to receive a limited edition B98 Pro, and it is not the most versatile, beautiful, and functionally perfect close-up box you have ever seen you can return it within a week for a full refund, no questions asked.