This is the LAST shimmed playing card you'll ever need!  While other shimmed playing cards might last you a couple weeks to a month, and run an average of $8-10 a piece, the INFINITY SHIM is made from special out-of-print plastic Bicycle New Era playing cards and, with proper care, will last you a lifetime!  They are shimmed nearly the entire width and length of the card, and thinned at the edges to make the gaff nearly undetectable!  We scoured the internet to find these special waterproof poker-size playing cards (which are virtually indistinguishable from standard Bicycle playing cards) specifically for the purpose of using them to create the best, most durable gaffed cards you've ever seen!  These decks are rare and out-of-print, and are not likely to ever be printed again, so SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED!  Treat yourself to an INFINITY SHIM, and you'll never have to buy another shimmed card again!


  • Do you have a preference?  Supplies are limited, so list your first three choices for the face of the cards you desire in the "Add note to seller" section in Checkout.  If you leave this section blank, you leave the choice up to us!