Hand molded and finished utilizing the latest high tech prosthetic copolymer, EH 2.5 and the integrated belt clip holdout are smaller, lower profile, whisper quiet and virtually invisible in performance.  It's ergonomic design flexes with your hand ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. 


EH 2.5 exploits the neuroscience at the very root of magic itself.  By ensuring natural positioning and unobstructed use of hands and fingers it circumvents 95% of the brains dedicated prosessing power and it's lower profile ensures virtual invisibility even when falling within the brain's narrow cone of focus.


It can be easily wrung in and out of play, but even while wearing it you can perform your favorite effects and sleights as if it wasn't even there.  This unprecedented ability makes it easy to incorporate into your favorite routines for a knockout punch not availible by any other means or device.


EH 2.5 The Ultimate Magic Secret Weapon