We magicians have always been searching for the perfect removable adhesive to hold on a boon or bug writer, perform card on ceiling, secure IT hookups, or secure our very own EVENT HORIZON.  We have tried poster tack, double-stick tape, glue dots, magician's wax, even resorted to super glue.  The problem is, most of these things are simply do not meet the particular criteria of magicians: reusable, removable, AND sticky to the skin.
Behold, the solution: GRAVITY PUTTY! Gravity Putty is specifically formulated for the magician's purposes. It is flesh colored (more or less the color of the skin under your fingernails), non-shiny, and VERY sticky. A pea-sized ball of it can be spread over your fingernail and remain virtually invisible until you need it. It can be spread on the inside of EVENT HORIZON, and will remain secure enough for you to lift up to a pound of solid steel! It removes cleanly, and remains sticky for many uses.


  • We are so excited to get you stuck on GRAVITY PUTTY, or rather to get IT stuck on YOU, that we are making these small jars (roughly a year's supply of consistent EH use) available for the low introductory price of $20.  It will likely be released to retail outlets in the very near future, at which time the price will defy gravity and go up, never to come down again.  GET IT NOW!