This item is built to order, please allow 6-10 weeks for delivery depending on current order volumes.  Contact us for more info.


Featuring original artwork intricately carved in select hardwood and hand leafed in 18 ct. gold these sticks are perhaps the most beautiful ever produced. The traditional gravity slider has been replaced with a ball bearing driven sled and incorporates a revolutionary new braking system, allowing the entire effect to be performed without the telltale tipping of the sticks. The tassels remain in the performer’s control at all times.

The Master Dragon Sticks come nestled in a custom fitted hardwood display case and are provided with two sets of interchangeable hand wrapped tassels, The set also includes a removable magnetic gag string for the back end of the sticks, and a reel for a third tassel which can be placed anywhere and pulled as a finale.

Master Dragon Sticks