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Finally, a locking prediction chest suitable for close-up work! Predictions are one of the strongest effects in magic and mentalism, and for centuries people have been enthralled by prophecies and the performers who can accurately make them. There has never been a locking prediction chest small enough for close-up work, UNTIL NOW. Co-created by Dannicus and Mark Southworth, we recently redesigned the MPC to improve craftsmanship and consistency. It is beautifully crafted from lustrous red oak, and is the finest switch box on the market, bar none.

Miracle Prediction Chest

  • Size- measures 2.5 x 3 x 1.5 inches* 

    Perfect Illusion- you will swear the card or billet tumbles from the box even when you know the secret. 

    Examinable- may be locked and given to a spectator to hold before the routine, and instantly examined after. (I strongly recommend just leaving it open on the table, where it will most likely never be given a second thought. To laymen it's just a wooden box) 

    Practical- resets in less than two seconds either between tables or when closing the box. Full reset instructions for real world situations are included in the instructional video. 

    Versatile- can quickly be changed between a pre-prepared playing card, billet, bill, lottery ticket, newspaper or magazine clipping, receipt, gum wrapper, the possibilities are endless. The folded items are real 3D objects not just flat corners or pieces. 

    Quality- each Miracle Prediction Chest is built and tested in the Handcrafted Miracles workshop and never outsourced, allowing us to ensure quality and consistent performance. 

    The included video download is loaded with expert instruction, performance psychology, tips and tricks, live footage, and magic and mentalism routine ideas that will undoubtedly make the Eco-Box a utility workhorse you will really use. 

    *Individual MPC's may vary slightly, as they are hand crafted!

  • We are happy to sell and ship to you, but due to the cost of overseas shipping for individual items, you may be able to get a better price on this item at your local magic shop.