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Made to look exactly like an ordinary card box, The Impossible Peek is designed and hand crafted out of select wood to exacting tolerances to securely house and conceal your Labco Mindbuster receiver unit right in the palm of your hand! Its unique design allows for an unprecedented fully surrounded peek suitable for every performance situation. Handle it just as you would a full pack of cards, and your audience will think nothing of it!

The Impossible Peek

  • Size - 2.6" x 3.6" x 0.8"

    Concealability - The Impossible Peek can be held in your hand as easily and comfortably as a deck of cards, and no one will suspect it is anything else!

     Virtually angle-proof - it is called the "Impossible Peek" because you can actually peek at the display of the Mindbuster receiver unit while gesturing out in front of you to an audience member, without anyone noticing!  

    Included:  Illustrated Power Point instruction manual for Dannicus' Impossible Peek routine.