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Classics of magic become so for a reason. The Vision Cube is one such classic because of its simplicity itself, allowing the magician to focus their full attention on delivering the best possible performance. The award-winning artists at Handcrafted Miracles have re-imagined this timeless effect with their amazing line of Vision Cubes, which are certain to become instant collector's items.
The Psy-Color and Second Sight editions feature cubes and boxes that are handcrafted from select hardwoods and laser-engraved with magically intricate designs, and then painted and silvered or gilded. The pieces are then finished with multiple coats of tough, clear, acrylic lacquer resulting in a cherished work of art that will endure for generations.

Vision Cubes!

  • Ask a volunteer to choose a color or design on the cube and put it face up in the box while you turn away. The volunteer does as instructed, puts the lid on the box and places it in your hand behind your back. You immediately turn around and instantly know the volunteer's choice. There are no electronics to fail or complicated sleights to learn, just reliable and practical magic.